Nail&Eyelash salon

What is LilyFirst?


The Lilyis a flower that is loved not just in Japan but all over the world

The flower that shares the same as whiteness, has similar beauty terms described about it just as women are, like
Pure, Elegant, and magnificent

Firstin this case means the beginning, or from the start.

We wish to be the new starting point for you to shine from, while you relax

from your every day hard work, as we do your nails and eyelashes

And as we strive to provide services over your expectations

and as we wish to be a establishment that you may come to love, Lily First was born.

The Heart of Kyoto, Close to the Stations

About Lily First

Two minutes from underground Karasuma line and the Hankyu Karasuma Line exit 22

Even Tourist May Utilize

From 9:00 to 20:00 everyone from the homemaker to people who come after work can use our service.

Relaxed Enviroment

While we are in the center of Kyoto, the establishment is a refuge away from the bustle of the city, The establishment uses white as its basic tone of colour, Students, Homemakers, even office ladies. We wish to provide our store to anyone.

Staff You Can Trust

Our staff who overflow with their own individualistic personality wish to help bring out the beauty and cuteness within you.


All Eyelists are licensed beauticians

Matsukaze Certfied Instructor qualified beautician
Managing Beautician

Our Salon has official permission from the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, where we are a Registered Beauty Salon
In regards to we implement regular theory and practical test such that we can provide a safe enviroment for our customers.


All Nailists are JNAC Nailist Senior Class Certified
JNA Gel Nail Skills Senior Class Certified

We have a registered Japan Nailist Association Headqurters Certified Instructor who regularly performs regulary skill tests, such that we can provide a fufilling experience with our imporvements.

Consultable Opthalmologist and Dermatologist

Karasuma Opthalmology Komuro Clinic (Opthalmologist)

Kumiko Allergy Clinic


Establishment Address

Kyoto-Fu Kyoto-Shi Nakagyou-ku nishikikojidori karasuma west entrance KAY'Z Building 2F201 

Phone Number
Hours of Operation
Regular Days Off
Payment By Credit Card
Payments over¥5,000 will be paid all at once.
Total 6(Reclining Chair:3/Bed:3)


Two minutes from Hankyu Karasuma Station and Karasuma Underground Shijo Station Exit 22.

Exit from Exit 22 and head north. at the first street, Nishikikojidori turn left heading west. We are on the second floor of KAY'Z Building. The First floor is "Manmaru no tsuki", where we you would please enter on the left hand side and go to the elevator in the back. please then come up to the second floor.

※There is Coin Parking for cars and bicycles close by

※Do not park Bicycles or Motorbikes at the Salon


  • 京都市中京区錦小路通烏丸西入ル占出山町312KAY'Z ビル2F
  • 075-212-3050
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