Nail&Eyelash salon



All Prices do not include tax.


CourseHandFootTime Needed
Basic Care¥3,500¥4,5001 Hour
Special Care¥7,500¥6,0001 Hour 30 Minutes
Men's care¥4,5001 Hour

CourseHandFootTime Neededオフあり
Clear Nails¥5,000¥5,5001 Hour1 Hour 30 Minutes
One Colour¥5,500¥6,0001 Hour1 Hour 30 Minutes
Gradient Glitter Nails¥5,500¥6,0001 Hour1 Hour 30 Minutes
Colour Gradient Nails¥5,500¥6,5001 Hour1 Hour 30 Minutes
French Nails¥6,000¥6,5001 Hour 30 Minutes2 Hours
2 Nail Course¥6,0001 Hour 30 Minutes2 Hours
4 Nail Course¥6,5002 Hours2 Hours 30 Minutes
6 Nail Course¥7,0002 Hours 30 Minutes3 Hours
Acrylic Sculpting¥12,0003 Hours 30 Minutes4 Hours
Options¥1,500¥2,0002 Hours2 Hours 30 Minutes

Number of EyelashesSilk ProteinSilk Sable
ColourTime Needed
Up to 80¥7,800¥5,800¥5,0001 Hour
Up to 100¥9,000¥7,000¥6,0001 Hour 15 Minutes
Up to 120¥10,000¥8,000¥7,0001 Hour 30 Mins
Up to 140¥11,000¥9,000¥7,8001 Hour 30 Mins
Up to 160¥12,000¥10,000¥8,6001 Hour 45 Minutes
Up to 180¥13,000¥11,000¥9,3002 Hours
Up to 200¥14,000¥12,000¥10,0002 Hours

Number of EyelashesJust LowerUpper and Lower SetTime Needed
Up to 20¥3,000¥1,50030 Minutes
Up to 40¥5,000¥2,50045 Minutes
Up to 60¥7,000¥3,5001 Hour

TreatmentPriceTime Needed
Individual (Eye pack Included)¥3,00015 Minutes
Set (Renew/Repair)¥2,00015 Minutes

EyebrowPriceTime Needed
First Time¥3,2001 Hour 15 Minutes
Second Time and After¥3,5001 Hour 15 Minutes


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  • 075-212-3050
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