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LilyFirst's Eyelash Specialty


Thorough Counselling

We provide a comfortable consultation even for new customers. 
While we confirm with you our treatment method, your eyelashes structure, and your design, one by one we will assess your circumstances, and propose a way of proceeding. 

No compromise products

We only use only the most safe and particular, for your precious eyes. 
We use the highest quality Matsuren standard conformed products. 
You can choose over 300 different products with your esthetician 

operation eye

Trusted High-Level Skills

With our high-level skills, we will go through thoroughly each eyelash with our comb 
Pretty from whatever angle. Such a natural finish that you can forget about it. 

Simultaneous Nail Treatment Avaliable

For our busy customers, We can provide nail treatment at the same time. (Simultaneous Treatment Price: 500 Yen) 
Simultaneous treatment is only avaliable via reservation. If you wish for this kind of treatment, please mention it at when reserving 

LilyFirst is a Matsuren Approved Member.

The short name for the general incorporated association Matsuge esthetics maker federation. 
For health and safety with Matsuge extensions, the association strives for"the pursuit of product safety, the elevation of skill knowledge, and the construction of a self-reliant standard for the industry" 

At LilyFirst, we only use the highest quality glue particularized by the Matsuren self-standardized association. 
We only use products that have passed the below rigorous tests from the self-standardized association. 

The Patch Test 
Eyelash Specialty Extension Glue Formaldahyde Test 

※Unfortanetly, as we do use high safety standard products, allergic reactions can still happen. 
Due to the customers genetic makeup and structure, there can be an allergic reaction. 



At Lilyfirst, we only use hygenic and safe treatments for your precious eyes.

You can choose from a wide range of original colours from a the latest trends and likable esthetics

A natural combination of silk for esthetics. You can experience the Gloss, special blackness, and the feel of the Silk.

with the softness of a sable, they have the lightness sensati!on that can you can put on and forget about

Just like a natural eyelash with a natural curl. A very natural finish/ 

A high-upward curl. A perm finish to your Eyelashes 

A furthermore high-upward curl for those who believe that the C-Curl may be not enough, with a Dollish finish. We can also prepare a SSC-Curl if you so wish. 


We will help you design your eyelashes that will fit your eyes. 
We will recieve even the most delicate design. If you are having any troubles with your eye design, let us consult you. 
 We can confirm your design with our design simulator. 


using a long design on the ends, it creates a positive effect for drooping eyes, creating a colourful and sexy eye. 


An all over long, high volume design. leaving a large and beautiful eye. 


the center of the eyelashes designed long, perfect for black eyes to make them look large, and create a very cute eye. 


A natural fan design, creating a natural and kind feeling eye. 

※Other designs are also popular. Please consult us for more delicate designs.



Number of EyelashesSilk ProteinSilk Sable
ColourTime Needed
Up to 80¥7,800¥5,800¥5,0001 Hour
Up to 100¥9,000¥7,000¥6,0001 Hour 15 Minutes
Up to 120¥10,000¥8,000¥7,0001 Hour 30 Mins
Up to 140¥11,000¥9,000¥7,8001 Hour 30 Mins
Up to 160¥12,000¥10,000¥8,6001 Hour 45 Minutes
Up to 180¥13,000¥11,000¥9,3002 Hours
Up to 200¥14,000¥12,000¥10,0002 Hours

Number of EyelashesJust LowerUpper and Lower SetTime Needed
Up to 20¥3,000¥1,50030 Minutes
Up to 40¥5,000¥2,50045 Minutes
Up to 60¥7,000¥3,5001 Hour

EyebrowPriceTime Needed
First Time¥3,2001 Hour 15 Minutes
Second Time and After¥3,5001 Hour 15 Minutes


TreatmentPriceTime Needed
Individual (Eye pack Included)¥3,00015 Minutes
Set (Renew/Repair)¥2,00015 Minutes


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