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A Request to Our Customers When Coming to Our Salon




  • Please refrain from wearing contact lenses (hard and soft) two hours before and after treatment. 
  • The volatile component of the adhesive may be absorbed by the contact lens. 

※Please come with your lens case and and glasses. 

  • If your eyelashes have been permed, the reduced adhesion surface area will weaken the durability, and may have varied results. 
  • We reccomend treatment two to three months after after your perm. 
  • We cannot treat people who are currently under medical treatment or are worried about the above conditions. 
  • This is due to the possibility that cosmetic treatment may cause a lapse in condition. 
  • Pease wait at least one week after full recovery for cosmetic treatment. 
  • Those who have ailments like Atopic Dermatitis and/or rashes, or allergies to metal and/or alcohol, please contact us for consulting 
  • To prevent infection, your eyes require time away form stimulus. 
  • Please have cosmetic treatment six months after surgery, with permission from your doctor. 
  • Please avoid having cosmetic treatments before CT scans, and MRI examinations 
  • Heat, Humidity, and contact with water will cause roots to change colour and reduced the durability of the eyelashes. 


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