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For those who are worried about their skin, before we apply we reccomend a patch test. we also have prepared low allergen products and low-stimulus glue (purpose built eyelash adhesive). Please feel free to contact us 
 ※even with low-stimulus glue, it does not mean that an allergic reaction will not happen. 
 If you would like treatment. We will first start with a low number of lashes. after taking a look at the situation, we will reccomend if we can increase the amount of lashes or not.

There is an element of personal difference but, if you keep them nice and pretty then they should last 2-4 weeks. after that we reccomend maintenence. 
Usually every day 5 lashes will come out 
5 lashes(per day) X 28 days (Four Weeks) = 140 Lashes (the amount of lashes that you will until you get back to you natural lash number) 
※Eyelashes have a difference of cycle from person to person 
Each eyelash has a different renewal cycle, the presence of hormones can also make the cycle long or short. 
For the above reasons, the amount of lashes will reduce fast. 
Such that our salon's maintenence is 2-4 weeks after being attached. 
Many customers come after two weeks for lower eyelash maintenece 
(Lower eyelashes renewal cycle is about hald of the upper eyelashes, for this reason we reccomend the above) 
When you feel like you need to put on mascara is when we reccomend you come in for maintenence

Yes, we can. We will first counsul you upon the length and size which we will set to your situation. but we cannot put extensions where there are no eyelashes to begin with. if there is a peculiarity to your eyelashes or the amout of bonding surfaces it fewer and far in between, or it might be the case that they come off faster then usual. please understand before hand that this may happen. 
If you have any concerns, we can do counselling only. Please contact us if you would like to. 
We will ask you to come to the salon to asses your situation and and propose a design.

We cannot say it's 100% ok. Pregnant and/or breast feeding mothers should know that their hormone balance may be different from beofr pregnancy and are unstable. This can make you skin sensitive. it can also mean that thing you were not allergic to before can cause inflamation around your eyes and become itchy. 
we reccomend treatment once your hormones after birth have settled.

You will definetly hear of stories about people's eyelashes becoming short and becoming fewer after having extensions. But if taken care properly, and your extension fit with you, then there should be nothing to worry about. during counselling we will find the right lenght and size just for you. 
But if extension are forcibly pulled, or you have been given extension that do no fit with you and cause quite a burden, then they may do damage. 
If you are concerened about damage, the are special treatments and brudenless extensions. Please feel free to consult us.

For the customers safety we ask that you take contact lens off. 
Soft Contacts: 
The Lens may become cloudy, and the risk that glue (special eyelash adhesive)may be absorbed by the lens. 
Hard Contacts: 
Since the lenses are small when you close your eyes, they become much easier to be moved around and slip away. 
※Two hours before and after treatment we ask that you refrain from wearing them. 
Please stay away from eye drops, washing your face, or high tempurate high level of humidity like a sauna. 
This may become the reason why the come of faster than usual, and the glue changes to a whiter colour. 
※please come with your glasses and contact lens case prepared. 
For those who usually wear glasses. please come with them as we will make it such that your eyelashes do not hit your your glasses.

We have designs that resemble natural eyelashes. We reccomend this for customers who wish for their eyelashes to not stand out. 
Rest assured, we also have a wide array of length's prepared, so that we can design for your personal needs. 
We reccomend to customers a number of 60-80 lashes for a natural look on both eyes. 
People who are afraid that their lashes are will become too thick, we also have an array of brown extensions for us to consult you with. 
We will also take more fine and minute request, please feel free to ask us!


They will provide a humidity resistance that shea butter provides. 
The orange oil will provide protect your nails and prepare your skin. 

the polish brand ALBA is a brand that shares the same ideas and concepts as LilyFirst 
WithWith their belief that"HEALTHYisBEAUTIFUL" as their base, Alba has passed over a hundred years as a brand, creating their exceptional beauty products from organic and natural sources that they keep on producing. 

It is ALBA's rich body butter that we will use for you tohand massage. 
It is mixed from shea butter that will create a gentle and soft hand for you 

It is special parrafin that is packed and when applied to your skin will make your skin velvety smooth. 
It is a wax that melts at a low 50 degrees celcius, such that it will seep into ever part of your hand allow you to relax. 
applying the parrafin pack after scrubbing you hands will cause a increase in skin tone and skin texture. 
To provide moisturizing, lets make sure put in lots for you. 

It is a special care for you skin in which we use ALBA's sugar scrub and massage you hands.  
It allows us to brighten your skin tone and softness by taking out excess keratin from your hand surfaces. 

We take excess and uneeded kerating from your that are around your nails and throughly remove it. 
By taking out the old keratin in a dried state, you will be able to nurture healthy nails that look pretty from just the look of it. This ill also make attaching gel nails much easier. 


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