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At LilyFirst

Doing nails and eyelash treatments while
relaxing comfortably

We the staff wish to act as supporter for our customers new start, letting our customer gently spend their time with us.

Our Companies Staff

Have people ranging different skill levels from inexperienced to certficate exam passed members. with in the company we have our own certificate exams, if these exams are passed, then it is also possible for you to gain access to raises.

For people who have stepped away from the beauty industry for a moment,

for the people who are inexperienced and do not have the skills and knowledge, but still desire to hone their skills.

We will teach you the skills and knowledge that you need to work. We ask that you apply when you are ready.

Regular Days off: Sunday is for Your Private life. with these employee benefits, rest assured you will be able to work here!

Our treatment space is specially created

In our semi-private rooms where you will be able to use the natrual tone of regular light, you will be able to work comfortably.

Plus, within treatment time you will have more than enough time to speak with the customer and have fun whilst treating them.

Recruiting Nailists

Regular employee

From simple to designer nail, you will be able to create and propse nails specially personalized for the customer.

From Gel, Sculping, Hand&Foot care and art, we have a large menu set out for the customer.

Recruiting Eyelists

Regular employee

Taking the kind of balance the customer would like into account, you will create and propose a plane made for their eye.

You will handle a broad range of lashes from Silk Sable, Colour, Lower eyelashes, Glitter, to Jewelery lashes. But you must have your Beautician License.

Staff Interview

Salon Manager & Eyelist
Kosaka Noriko

Saito Nano

Asou Yuki

Kimura Nanako

Awazu Chisato

Would you like to apply?

Please feel free to contact us


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