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Nail&Eyelash salon


LilyFirst's Nail Specialty


Purifying Care

Our concept at Lily First isPurifying Care, to bring back the brilliance from before. 
We choose not to hide damaged nails with gel, but with the unique Para gel treatment, we wish to help you bring back the beauty of your nails. 

Thorough Counselling

After carefully examining their condition,we will recommend the best of three Para gel treatments that matches your nails   
Our well trained and experienced staff will then suggest a personalized style just for you that is suited for your lifestyle. 

Safe and Relieving Techinique

To bring the customer a sense of relief, we shave off gel nails by hand, with no use of machines during cuticle care

Abundant Colours and Designs

We have prepared over 100 different samples, with more than 200 nail colours and glitter colours at our disposal. We wish for you to find a design to fit your way of life. 

Simultaneous Nail Treatment Avaliable

For our busy customers, We can provide nail treatment at the same time. (Simultaneous Treatment Price: 500 Yen) 
Simultaneous treatment is only avaliable via reservation. If you wish for this kind of treatment, please mention it at when reserving 

operation eye
  • Reliable Price
  • One-Week Gurantee
  • Hygenic Management
  • Simultaneous Hands and Feet Treatment
  • Nail Menu
  • Japan Nailist Association Instructor Certified

We wish for you to have peace of mind and become a regular customer!! Because of this wish, even after the second time you wish to reapply new nails, soft gel and polish is free. 
※Hard gels and removal via scalpel is a seperate cost.

At our salon, we use the standard of 3-4 week to keep them at pristine condition. 
If by any chane your nails develop cracks or damage, we will repair the for free under our one-week guratnee. 
If damage or cracks have developed, please contact our salon within one week 
by returning back to our shop within one week of treatment, we will fix your nails for free. 
※If damage of cracks are of customer error, the treatment will incur a cost. We ask that you understand this in advance. 
※After one week after treatment has passed, the fixing of nails will incur a cost. 
※Repayment of treatment cost will not be recognized. Please understand this in advance. 

At our salon we have a Japan Nailist Association Hygenic mangaer to enusre cleanliness. 
When undergoing nail treatment, all tools have been sterilized for each customers to ensure a sterile enviroment. 

For our Busy customers, Both hands and feet treatments can be done simultaneously (simultaneous treatment price: 500 Yen) 
Simultaneous treatment is only avaliable via reservation. If you wish for this kind of treatment, please mention it at when reserving 

At Lily First, we strive to bring back the beauty of your natural nails personally from one person to the next. Lets make your hands and nails beautiful with our orginal care menu. 

At our salon, we conduct intra-company original test on a frequent basis. 
In order for us to fufill your requests, everyday we hone our skills without neglecting them. 

Sandless gel nails

Para gel

No Abrasion

No Damage

No Thinning

Before we put on new nails, or when we take off your gel nails, we wish to bring your damaged nails back to their healthy state using Para gel. There is no need for sanding before the use of Para gel. when taking off nails, we will never use excessive sanding, and we will use the unique Para gel treatment to take them off. 
For those who worry about there damaged nails, your nails will be regenerated in three to six months

Para gel is a nail that you can experience without sanding
We think alot of people question the differences between it and other gel nails
Have your ever thought "When having gel nails, the nails get thinner"?
Para gel does not require any sanding, such that When re-applying
Your nails will not become thinner.

Sanding is the process of applying gel nails
by shaving the surface of the top of the nail. by damaging the top of the nail, you attach the nails.
for nails up until now, if you do not sand nails that you have had up until now will peel off immediatly.
But excessive sanding makes your natural nails thinner

Because with Para gel we do not require any sanding,
we can allow you to have fun with gel nails while preserving your natural nails.

Even if your nails have been damaged and thinned out
we can still use Para gel.
Even if you are thinking to take a break from gel nails, your nails have already thinned out
if it stays that way, you nails may break, and may become a in-set nail.
It tends to be hard to have beautiful nails when trying to take a break from gel nails.

Para gel is also for people who has had their nails damaged and thinned
to allow you to bring back you nails to a healthy state withouth having to take a break from gel nails

it takes three to six months for your nails to grow back
If you use Para gel for three to six months,
your nails will be reborn in a new and healthy state.

Care Menu

Filing + Cuticle Care + Buffing

Special Care

Basic Care + Treatment + Scrub + Parrafin Pack

Men's Care

Filing + Cuticle Care + Buffing


Filing + Cuticle Care + Colouring

Soft Gel

Gradient Glitter Nails

Hand ¥5,500
Foot ¥6,000

Acrylic Sculpting


Colour Gradient Nails

Hand ¥5,500
Foot ¥6,500

Clear Nails

Hand ¥5,000
Foot ¥5,500

One Colour

Hand ¥5,500
Foot ¥6,000

French Nails

Hand ¥6,000
Foot ¥6,500


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  • Info@lilyfirst.com
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