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Kosaka Noriko

With Kosaka Noriko

staff interview

Salon manager & Eyelist

Kosaka Noriko

What is your specicalty when it comes to this job?

Hearing customers troubles, and creating a plan that fits their needs.

What have you learned here at Liliy First?

Of course I have learned alot of skills but, I have also learned about how to make a plan that fits a customers needs.

Being an Eyelist is not just about putting on eyelashes.

I've learned how to let my customers have fun with eyelash extensions for years to come.

What do you strive for within your job?

Happy faces and happy greetings. to brightly and happily take everything I can on

Upon that, I strive to understand how my customer want to spend their time at our Salon

How do you spend your holidays?

I rarely stay at home. I usually head outside and refresh myself there

During the summer I go to the beach almost every week.

When i can get more than one day off in a row, I like to go travelling ♪

Why did you choose Lily First?

I chose Lily First because of the intra-company certifications, it show me that I will be properly trained. It left a large impact on me when I left the interview that everyone saw me to the door. That made me think that I would love to work here

From here on out is there anything that you would like to challenge?

I really love the ocean so I think I want to try scuba diving

I not so good with the cold, it makes it such that I cant go out as much. I would like to try to overcome the cold and challenge so winter activities!

What do you like doing for fun?

I really like travelling.

I also like going to the ocean and eating lots of delicous foods.


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