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Saito Nano

What is your specicalty when it comes to this job?

Understanding a situation and thinking one step ahead.

It makes me happy when I see the salon moving so smoothly around me and everything is working as it's supposed to be.

What have you learned here at Liliy First?

I have learned that I must not think from my own perspective but from the customers perspective.

I have learned think about what would happen if i were to come here at a customer, what kind of feelings would I feel.

What do you strive for within your job?

I've been striving to make sure that no matter what is happening that I am not swayed by my emotions, and staying in presence of mind.

I also believe it is important to properly greet the customers while properly communicating with my fellow staff.

How do you spend your holidays?

Stay at home and relax, or go shopping and playing with friends.

I believe it is important to have a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor.

Why did you choose Lily First?

I thought that both the employee benefits were laid out very well, and that the training regiment was very planned out, where I could boost both my customer service and skills at the same time.

From here on out is there anything that you would like to challenge?

I do not have my Drivers license just yet, so I would eventually want to try and get it.

What do you like doing for fun?

I like to go to see my favorite artist's live shows and go travelling.

I was charmed by the first time i went travelling abroad, and ever since then i've been deep into it.


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